SHAPELINE from Sweden is the world leading provider of IN-LINE flatness measurement systems for Metal plate, strip and sheets – Hot and cold. Shapeline systems are being used in the production of flat products of steel, aluminium and other metals all over the world. Shapeline non-contact systems are used in the production environment of customers to measure flatness across the full width and length of the material. The customer base reflects from China to the USA, from tropical Brazil to arctic Sweden.


SHAPELINE systems are being used for process control and development, quality inspection and documentation in most steps of the production process From Hot Rolling to finished plate, sheet or coil we can say we have a good understanding of customer environment and needs.


The Shapeline solution for measuring the flatness is technically frontline. Not only will the metal producers that use the Shapeline system be able to verify and document the flatness of the products delivered by measuring flatness in different phases of the production – costs are saved too.


The Shapeline systems are used in a multitude of applications:

  • Hot rolling (plate or strip)
  • Plate processing lines
  • Strip processing lines
  • Cut-to-length lines
  • Quality inspection


The need for keeping flatness under control on your products stretches from roughing mill to finished product. The reasons for doing so may vary. It may be for optimizing the production process, protecting valuable equipment or, most commonly, delivery of the right quality product to the customers. Shapeline has proven useful in all stages of production, apart from cold rolling where the tension on the material makes optical methods for flatness detection impossible to use.


The Shapeline concept is based on proven, robust measurement technology. Due to its flexibility, any material width can be measured. Today, there are applications running for measurements between 50 and 5000 mm width. For every installation, an analysis is made of the measurement conditions, size constraints, and demands for measurement accuracy, speed and resolution. This means that you get a system that is adapted to your requirements, and do not have to pay for more than you need.





Shapesoft Generation III” is a modern, modular software designed for flatness measurement based on more than ten years experience. The Software can be configured for all systems and new functions and options can be added remotely at a later stage using the direct VPN connection facility. All systems have an Ethernet interface and pulse transducer interface. The user interfaces have been designed and developed in co-operation with the end-users within the steel and metal industry, and are adapted to suit their demands.


What is your flatness reality?

Find your application area and contact us now to see how we have been addressing this area so far. We are always interested in new methods and applications for our technology so do not hesitate to contact us for needs that may not be covered by the applications mentioned here.