AGELLIS Group AB with headquarters in Lund, Sweden designs manufactures and markets its unique range of Molten Metal Measurement Systems. Agellis is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, First North List. Agellis started in year 2002 an in the last decade has grown to a world renowned company with a global reference list of more than 140 installed systems.


Agellis combines high-tech knowledge with experience of metal production. Our EMLI (Electro Magnetic Level Indication) platform provides a cost effective way to enable increased automation and reduce bottlenecks in metal production.


Applications where AGELLIS provides unique solutions:

  • Furnace/Smelter metal level measurement
  • Furnace/Smelter slag detection
  • Ladle level measurement
  • Ladle slag detection
  • Tundish/Launder level measurement & drain control
  • Mould level measurement
  • Metal sampling

Steel making vessels

Agellis Group provides high precision measurement solutions for the steel industry such as bath and hot-heel level systems for EAF’s and Consteel furnaces as well as ultra-precise slag detection systems for furnaces.


Nonferrous metal smelters

Agellis provides unique material level profile information such as metal and slag level measurement for the smelting industry. Our patent pending technology gives you the power to understand and control your process. Our equipment enhances safety for your personnel while providing consistently accurate measurements.


Continuous casting

The unique Agellis tundish level system is “the tool” to keep track in real-time of your running and drain steel levels, optimizing your casting process and yield. Our ultra-fast and reliable slag detection system for ladle teeming has been an industry standard for years



Fast, efficient & clean sampling in ladles/furnaces/smelters can be combined with temperature measurement.


AGELLIS products help optimize your molten metal level production processes, thus increasing yield, improving quality, reducing maintenance and assisting safety.

Welcome to the “Future of Measurement” with the AGELLIS Group.