iLux Lighting Systems from Germany, a division of LDV Systeme, Germany; plans, builds and installs solutions for the visual detection of surface defects in industrial production environments


With iLux Light Systems, surface defects which would normally remain undetected under normal lighting in a production environment become visible. iLux Systems enable our customers to provide their customers with the highest possible quality, reducing follow-up costs and customer complaints.



Using iLux systems, you will see many surface defects that you simply cannot detect under normal lighting such as Scratches, Fractures, Sliver, Bulges, and Coating & Edge Defects etc.


The eyes and the human visual system have an effectiveness and adaptability that cannot be matched by any technology. Both in the light and in the dark, the human vision adjusts to the light conditions and achieves amazing detection capability. The inspection areas, which are often brightly illuminated with a large number of fluorescent tubes, make fatigue-proof surface inspection difficult for observers. The light intensity on many inspection workstations is measured between 2000 and 5000 lux.


iLux lighting systems for inspecting industrial surfaces Strip inspection in the metal industry Directed light is anti-glare to the eyes of humans and leads them to fatigue more quickly. By using the iLux lighting systems, light intensity is reduced to between 500-1200 lux. This increases the visual capabilities of the person by more than 30 %.


By means of double deflection, iLux lighting systems creates indirect light. The patented light sails direct the light almost parallel to the surface to be examined. So defects obtain a well-recognized structure and are clearly visible to an inspector, hence inspector is not forced to scan the surface.





From the first manufacturing steps, through the pickling and cold-rolling stages to coating and dressing, iLux systems provide solutions tailored to each specific material:

  • steel and non-ferrous metals
  • hot-rolled and cold-rolled
  • galvanized, tinned & coated
  • lacquered
  • matt, glossy