SALCHI METALCOAT S.r.l., is a private owned Italian manufacturer of Coil and Packaging coatings with seat and operations in the town of Burago Molgora close to Milan in the Northern part of Italy.


Salchi Metalcoat offers a complete portfolio of coating solutions to its customers for different final uses. As a young and independent coating manufacturer it is not related to conglomerates or private equity groups. In this way it can guarantee for the long term commitment reliability flexibility, fastness and closeness to all its customers.


Although established in 1993, Salchi Metalcoat has a long history and a lot of experience in the production and development of coatings. Today it is one of the major independent Coil and Packaging coating manufacturers in Europe.


Today Salchi Metalcoat employs about 80 people in its plant in Burago Molgora. 30% of the employed people work in R & D and Quality Control. Production is made in a modern plant, complying with the most update production techniques. Production capacity is running currently at about 15 000 tons/year of coatings, inks and adhesives. Salchi Metalcoat is operating according to the requirements of a Quality System ever since it was established in 1993. The Quality Management Systems implemented are UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004


Salchi Metalcoat is focusing its activities on the following fields:


Packaging coatings, including metal decoration inks



  • Internal Coatings
  • Stamping Enamels
  • Buff coating
  • Overprint varnishes
  • UV curable overprint varnishes
  • Adhesive lacquers
  • UV, conventional and dry offset inks
  • Heat sealing varnishes
  • Sizings
  • Two component spray repair varnishes
  • Electrocoating repair varnishes

End uses

  • Three pieces food and general line cans
  • Two piece AL and ETP cans
  • Top and bottom ends
  • Easy open ends
  • Peel-off ends
  • Crowns closures
  • Lug closures
  • ROPP closures, Screw caps
  • Fancy cans
  • Aerosol components
  • Seam stripe repair products


Coil coatings, including inks and adhesives for co-lamination

Salchi1 Salchi2


Coil coatings for steel and Aluminium

  • Chromate-free primers and back coats
  • Top coats for architecture and industrial uses including SHIELDO scratch proof top coats
  • Very high durability top coats for outdoor also in the IR-reflecting version
  • Polyurethane Polyamide top coats for Aluminium roller shutters
  • PVdF top coats for extreme high outdoor durability based on KYNAR (Arkema)
  • Base coats and adhesives for composite colaminated coils (PVC, PP, PET, PE) for industrial uses
  • Special inks for coil decoration
  • Printing inks for PET foils to be used for colamination
  • NIR coatings for very short curing schedules of NIR lines


Foil coatings for aluminium

  • Epoxy varnishes for fin stock
  • Very high durability polyester top coats for architecture
  • Epoxy varnishes for menu trays