Company Vision

We at ASHLING aim at bringing together the best of our knowledge and marketing along with the most efficient and world class technology of our principals in order to serve our valuable customers with NOTHING BUT THE BEST.


We understand the needs of our customers and specialize in catering all our customers according to their individual and varied needs and preferences. Our business is not just driven by profitability but by establishing and maintaining a valuable relationship with our clients. A modular approach ensures that all our customers are provided with complete flexibility regarding our products and services according to their individual needs and demands.


All our principals provide best quality products, guaranteed to our customers in the best professional manner. Commitment and dedication are the pre requisites of our working system.


ASHLING’s vision is to be the world leader in providing technology to our customers. We wish to earn our customers appreciation through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation.


With this objective in mind we aim at securing new and innovative product lines from various manufacturers all over the world so that we can continue making our new as well as existing customers, the beneficiaries of our world best products.


Company Profile

ASHLING was incorporated to focus on two industries – Plastics & Packaging and Metals. Since its establishment, we have consistently adhered to a policy of providing the best sales and technical support to our discerning customers.


We ensure that all products and services provided by us meet the world class standards of “Quality Assurance” and “Compliance”. Innovative project management and excellent services coupled with technical expertise have contributed to the continued growth and success of our venture.


Our goal is to use Brand-based marketing and product Risk Assessment to improve our excellent reputation as a reliable supplier for all High-Quality and Specialty products to our valued customers in India.