Globus S.r.l, Italy established in 1995, were already “old hands” in Coil Coating industry with a wide experiences of few technocrats in designing roll coating machines and coil coating lines while also managing projects and operations for over twenty years. In establishing a new company the objective was to make such an expertise available to all parties involved in the metal flat products industry.


Globus started by providing engineering services and equipment for the modernization and expansion of existing plants to final customers – the metal manufacturers – as well as to other engineering companies


Today, while still doing that, they provide major corporations as well as new investors with complete new lines and proprietary products – roll coating machines, embossing machines – for the development of an ever more modern and efficient metal processing industry.


Globus S.r.l, Italy, are prominent suppliers of following equipments:

Complete Color Coating Plants for Steel and Aluminum Industries

Lamination and embossing machine


Roll coaters for Steel and Aluminium industries



Market Evaluation:
64 machines sold in 8 years (most probably more than any other competitor)


Market Penetration:
USA, Mexico and South America; Europe; Middle East; India; China; other Asian countries


Range of Models:
Largest range of configuration and applications:


Metals Steel, aluminium, zinc
Products Applied Solvent based paints, water based paints (hydrophilic, hydrophobic); organic chemical coating; inorganic chemical coating, solvent based inks; UV inks
Configurations 3 types of vertical coating; 4 types of horizontal coating; S type prime and finish coaters ; T type finish coaters; several shuttle type coaters
Rolls 2 rolls heads, 3 rolls heads, 4 rolls head
Controls Manual; manual with pressure measure assistance; automatic with pressure/position control; automatic with paint thickness control
Widths 1,250 to 2,000 mm
Thickness 0,2 to 3 mm
Speeds 20 to 200 m/min


Scope of Supply:

From machine supply only to supply of complete coating section (coating machine, oven, cooler, electric and automation systems) to turn-key job (installation, commissioning, training and technology transfer)