OMSO Spa is a worldwide leading manufacturer of printing machines that has spread its wing in the 50’s having now a thoroughly ingrained position through the five continents by a Partnerships and Sister companies network. Omso services by worldwide centers thousands of machines at work and our RDT (Remote Diagno Team) is, since years, connected with most modern customers machines.


After many years of activity in the objects decoration field based on dry-offset and silk screen automatic hi-tech machines, the Company focused its investments in complete decoration lines, hot stamping and flexographic printers featuring sophisticated logic controls taking advantage of both Direct Drive motors accuracy and its own developed software. While the Company designs and develop machines and new projects, our controlled Partners specialized in Motion Control and Feedback Systems develop and test the logic core making sure the highest printing quality is achieved matching at maximum level graphic arts reproduction.



Omso CMYK reproduction on tubes & sleeves recipients is considered today a revolution in the field. While cosmetic objects decoration needs state-of–the-art technology and massive know-how, food industry strives on adopting high efficiency solutions based on excellent price-performances ratio.


An extensive network of representatives and the attendance at major international trade fairs, allow OMSO to reach markets throughout the world, starting with Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA, to the Far East and South America.



OMSO is a firm believer in technical and technological development, and have a valid team that grasps the changing needs of present times and adapting with versatility to a more and more quality-oriented market.


Our prompt and efficient after-sales service is guaranteed by technicians specialized in start-ups and operator training.


The success and reliability of this formula are proven by the fact that the company has among its costumers, leading companies in the food, chemical and cosmetic industry that regularly entrust the image of their products to OMSO decorating machines.


OMSO today is investing resources with the aim to set up a new division in India to be a stepping-stone for a deployed strategic business to increase middle-Asia market and service.

Last but not least, OMSO is active in pre-press and post-press client’s backup through both reliable partners and its own developed solutions as decoration final inspection systems by images & linear colors cameras.