DeCoSystem started its activity in 2001 with the goal of developing artificial vision technologies for the quality control of printed / non-printed / plain / non-woven material and decorated products. DeCoSystem have an excellent team of engineers and technicians who are expert in image-analysis / printing technologies. Thanks to this competent and professional team and thanks to continuous investments in research and development we have reached great results becoming more and more one of the reference companies of the market.


Today DeCoSystem is an international company and its products are worldwide recognized as the top-level inspection systems in all the fields of packaging industry. The company counts more than 1000 installations in the field and a product line that’s unique for completeness in all sectors of inspection.


DeCoSystem assures to its customers an excellent service thanks to:

  • delivery of equipment’s “keys in hand”
  • flexibility either in the integration on line or in software customization
  • technical service with very quick response
  • great experience build up working close to printing line operators


The aim of DeCoSystem has always been the optimization of the printing process; we’ve always done our best to meet the requirements and the needs of our customers.


Decosystem are able to check any printed material as tubes, bottles, caps – labels in reels or sheets – continuous films and packaging materials – laminated, paper and pharmaceutical instruction – bills, documents and forms, checks, holograms, and many more… Decosystem can boast a wide range of products that fully covers all the requirements of quality control market.




Different Product range

  • SPECTRO : Print control on any type of printing on tubes, bottles, mascara, jars and other high quality products.
    Spectro-L can inspect cylindrical and Spectro-M can inspect flat objects.
  • SPECTRO-METAL : Print control on tubes, aerosol cans and aluminum closures.
  • INSPECTOR : Inspection of transparent, lacquered and metallized film, laminated and metallized paper, foil or flat plates in polythene, polyester etc.
  • PERFECTO-Metal : Designed to be used on a printing press, Perfecto-Metal is dedicated to the inspection of offset decorated metal sheets.
  • SPECTRO-Glass : Print control on bottles, drink glasses and tableware.